25 euro - Fascination Light

Series: Austria - Silver-Niobium 25 euro coins

Image of 25 euro coin - Fascination Light | Austria 2008.  The Bimetal: silver, niobium coin is of BU quality.
On the other side there is a more nostalgic scene from the late 19th century when Welsbach’s inventions were quite new. A man perched on a ladder lights a gas lantern in the square in front of the Vienna City Hall. The new € 25.- coin has a partial portrait of Welsbach on the left hand side. The sun shines in the middle of the luminous green niobium pill, while various methods of illumination from the gas light through electric light bulbs, neon lights, etc., to modern LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) spread out in a circle around the silver ring.