25 euro - Christmas 2022

Image of 25 euro coin - Christmas 2022 | Vatican City 2022.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The 25 euro silver colour coin issued by the Vatican Mint celebrates Christmas with a reproduction of the Nativity by Sienese painter Giovanni di Paolo (1398-1482). The panel is painted in tempera and on display in the Vatican Pinacoteca. On the coin’s obverse our artist Patrizio Daniele features the coat of arms of Pope Francis surrounded by Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of Rome and Vatican City. On the reverse side, our gaze is immediately drawn to the light radiating from under the manger of the Holy Child. Our Lady is standing before him, and Saint Joseph can be seen to the right of the scene, as he sleeps reclining in a tree. Two women behind Mary (one looking toward the Holy Family and the other from behind) complete the scene in the foreground. In the background we see the ox warming Jesus and the donkey as it eats some hay. In the background an angel illuminates the sky to show the way to two shepherds and a dog. The dove engraved on the silver frame is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.