20,000 forint - Pécs, Baranya County

Series: Hungary - Hungarian Counties and County Seats

Image of 20000 forint coin - Pécs, Baranya County | Hungary 2024.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
n celebration of the centenary of its foundation, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) is planning to issue collector coins in 17 themes in 2024. In order to promote the coins’ value transferring role as widely as possible, non-ferrous metal versions of the precious metal coins will also be issued. This year's thematically and technically diverse collector coin programme will see the continuation of six previously exceptionally popular series. The series presenting Nobel Prize winners of Hungarian origin stands out from them, which also honours the work of the most prestigious scientific award winners, Katalin Karikó and Ferenc Krausz. In addition, the Bank plans to issue a collector coin to mark its centenary. Further information on this will be available at the events held to honour the anniversary. The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) is planning to issue collector coins in 17 themes in 2024. The structure and the implementation of the 2024 collector coin issuance programme is guaranteed to be diverse. The series named ‘Hungarian gold florins from the Middle Ages’ will also be continued featuring the most valuable gold coin in 2024. The particularly low mintage also adds to its value. New pieces will be added to the gold collector coin series honouring the Hungarian saints of the Árpád dynasty and to the long-standing coin series of decades presenting national memorial sites. Significant anniversaries in history and foundations are also included among the themes. By issuing a collector coin, the Bank pays tribute to Prime Minister Count Lajos Batthyány and the 13 Martyrs of Arad and commemorates the 175th anniversary of their execution as well as the 125th anniversary of Sára Salkaházi’s birth, the sister nun in the Sisters of Social Service, who saved the lives of nearly a hundred Jews during the Arrow Cross reign of terror. 2024 marks the centenary of the establishment of the Bank, which will be commemorated by issuing special coins. The anniversaries also include the 100-year history of the Hungarian Paediatricians Association’s establishment and the 150th anniversary of the civil law notary system. The collection of specially shaped coins will be complemented by oval collector coins presenting Nobel Prize winners of Hungarian origin, paying homage to Katalin Karikó, Ferenc Krausz and György OIáh in 2024. Issued as the next pieces of the series presenting the results achieved by the National Hauszmann Programme, the hexagonal non-ferrous metal coins to mark the 50th anniversary of the invention of the Rubik's Cube and rectangle coins to honour the 150th anniversary of the Hungarian most successful racehorse, Kincsem, stand out from the circle coins. The central bank is also preparing to issue coins of international interest under this year's programme. The plans of collector coin issuance also include the event of high significance from a foreign policy perspective, that Hungary will be holding the rotating presidency of Council of the European Union in 2024. In addition, the MNB plans to issue collector coins to honour such global sporting events as the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and the Paralympic Games to be held this summer.