2,000 kronor - Carl von Linné 300 years

Series: Sweden - Gold coins

Image of 2000 krona coin - Carl von Linné 300 years | Sweden 2007.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
The price of the coin is set at SEK 3,000. The coin has been designed by Annie Winblad Jakubowski, a renowned artist in the field of coin and medal design. The manufacturer is AB Myntverket in Eskilstuna. The obverse (front) of the coin shows “the researcher’s eye” which is studying nature through a magnifying glass. The eye is a detail from A. Roslin’s portrait of Linné from 1775. At the lower edge of the picture are the artist’s initials, “AWJ”. Around the eye is the text “CAROLUS LINNAEUS 1707-2007”. On the reverse (back) of the coin is a picture of a butterfly, which represents nature’s ingenious details, in a checked pattern that symbolises orderliness and systematics. Above the picture of the butterfly is the word SVERIGE (Sweden). The Latin text “NATURAE MORES DISCERE” (to learn the ways of nature) runs along the upper edge of the coin. At the lower edge of the coin is the denomination, 2000 KR (SEK 2,000). To the left of the edge is the letter “E”, which indicates the place the coin was minted and on the right are the letters “SI”, which are the initials of the Riksbank Governor. The coin has a smooth edge.