2,000 forint - The Komondor

Series: Hungary - Hungarian herding and hunting dogs

Image of 2000 forint coin - The Komondor | Hungary 2020.  The Brass coin is of proof-like quality.
Making a second addition to the series featuring Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue a non-ferrous metal collector coin of 2,000 forints named ʻKomondorʼ on World Animal Day on 4 October 2020. The coin was designed by metal designer Boglárka Imrei. The komondor is one of the most well-known Hungarian shepherd dog breed. It was added to the Collection of Hungarikums in 2017 along with another eight indigenous breeds. The komondor was taken to the Carpathian Basin by our conquering ancestors. The breed was kept primarily to guard and protect territories and the flock. Thanks to its authoritative appearance, firm, courageous conduct, animal keeper shepherds really appreciate this dog breed that cannot be bribed. From the middle of the 20th century, after intensive stock farming, komondors were used less frequently. Their duties were limited to guarding facilities, industrial sites. However, their features have been left broadly unchanged in recent centuries. In today’s ever-changing natural environment, the komondor is kept to honour traditions in national parks. Breeders are also seen keeping them. As such predators as wolves, golden jackals and lynx reappeared, komondors role is expected to change immensely because using them as guard dogs is the most natural manner of protecting the environment. They became massively popular outside Hungary as well, they are greatly appreciated as man’s companion almost all over the world. The ʻKomondorʼ commemorative coins are legal tender in Hungary, but do not serve circulation purposes. Their primarily role is to raise awareness of Hungary’s national values. The collector coin series presents the versatility and outstanding characteristics of Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs. On the obverse, a profile of a komondor is featured in a static position, watching its environment. The central motif on the obverse captures the typical features of this breed: its thick, cord-like fur is perfectly able to insulate heat, and it also protects the animal while it is doing its job. Its characteristic silhouette lends this dog its authoritative, emblematic look. The compulsory elements of collector coins are placed on the obverse: in the upper legend the wording ʻMAGYARORSZÁGʼ (Hungary), on the right, the mint year ʻ2020ʼ, on the left, the mint mark ʻBP.ʼ, which also contains a security element, and at the bottom, the denomination ʻ2000 FORINTʼ. On the reverse, three komondors are shown while working, in a typical, guarding position, making a reference to the fact that komondors basically protect the flock and the territory as a group. In the background of the scenery in the grasslands, a representation of a farm building with a shadoof and a grazing flock of sheep is shown. In the upper legend the breed name ‘KOMONDOR’ can be read. The coin was designed by metal designer Boglárka Imrei. Hidden in the representation of the grasslands, her master mark is on the bottom left.The non-ferrous metal collector coin is minted from an alloy of copper (75%), nickel (4%) and zinc (21%). It weighs 16 grams and it is 34 mm in diameter and has a reeded edge. The collector coins are issued in limited edition: a total of 10,000 coins can be minted in proof-like finish.