2,000 forint - the Hungarian presidency in the Council of Europe

Series: Hungary - Commemorative 2000 forint coins

Image of 2000 forint coin - the Hungarian presidency in the Council of Europe | Hungary 2021.  The Brass coin is of BU quality.
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue a non-ferrous metal collector coin of 2,000 forints today, to honour the Hungarian presidency in the Council of Europe. It is the second time Hungary has tended to the tasks of the presidency in the international organisation representing the protection of human rights, democracy and constitutional state between May and November 2021. The collector coin was designed by applied artist Balázs Bitó. Headquartered in Strasbourg, the Council of Europe was founded on 5 May 1949 and currently it includes 47 member states. This regional international organisation advocates human rights, democracy and the constitutional state. Hungary was the 24th state to join on 6 November 1990 and it was the first to be included from the Eastern Block. In 2021, Hungary will tend to the tasks of the presidency in the Council of Europe for the second time. The rotating presidency in the Committee of Ministers, serving as an intergovernmental forum for cooperation, will go to Hungary between May and November 2021. The priorities of the six-month Hungarian presidency are to efficiently protect ethnic minorities, to facilitate a dialogue between future generations, religions, to support the cause of environmental protection and to prepare for future challenges. The MNB will issue a 2,000-forint non-ferrous metal collector coin named ‘Európa Tanács magyar elnöksége, 2021’ (Hungarian presidency in the Council of Europe, 2021). Taking advantage of their role to raise awareness and provide education, the Bank wishes to enhance the recognition of the Council of Europe in Hungary, and to shape our country’s image. The collector coins are not to be used in everyday payments. Their face value serves to preserve the value the coins represent to collectors. The collector coin is to symbolise European unity and the Pan-European spirit; therefore, on the obverse in the middle surrounded by a ring of fine lines a globe is featured with Europe in the centre as viewed from space. Above the central motif, on the left the master mark of applied artist Balázs Bitó, the designer of the coin is placed and on the right, in two horizontal lines, the denomination ‘2,000’ and the lettering ‘FORINT’ are seen, which slightly extend beyond the ring. On the ring of fine lines in a legend on the left the word ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary) and at the bottom the mint mark ‘BP.’, and slightly to the right of the mint mark the mint year ‘2021’ are found.