2,000 forint - Ópusztaszer Heritage Park

Series: Hungary - Commemorative 2000 forint coins

Image of 2000 forint coin - Ópusztaszer Heritage Park | Hungary 2021.  The Brass coin is of BU quality.
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue a non-ferrous metal collector coin named ‘Ópusztaszeri Nemzeti Történeti Emlékpark Nemzeti Emlékhely’ (Ópusztaszer Heritage Park) with a name value of 2,000 forints in a bronze coated finish on 20 June 2021, on the day of Memorial Sites. This collector coin is the 8th addition to the series, presenting Hungarian national memorial sites, launched at the initiative of the Hungarian Heritage Institute in 2014. The collector coin, issued on the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the memorial site, was designed by sculptor Virág Szabó. The 55-hectar Ópusztaszer Heritage Park is one of the most well-known institutions of historic interest in Hungary. According to Hungarian historical tradition it was the site of the first national assembly and legislation by the conquering Hungarians. Arrival of the Hungarians, a monumental cyclorama painted by Árpád Feszty, is displayed in the Heritage Park. The painting is 15 meters tall and 120 meters in length. Its diameter is 38 meters. This panorama evokes a few imaginary scenes from the historic event when Hungarians arrived in the area 11 centuries ago. The Árpád monument, symbolising the unity of the Hungarian nation, inaugurated in 1896, and the commemorative column, erected in 2012, is found in the Ópusztaszer Heritage Park. On the obverse, as a central motif, a section of the millennial Árpád monument from the Ópusztaszer Heritage Park, is featured, depicting Árpád, the chief of the Hungarian tribal federation. The compulsory design elements of collector coins are also placed on the obverse: the lettering ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary) at the top of the coin; the denomination ‘2,000’, and the word ‘FORINT’ are positioned to the left of the central motif, in two separate lines; the mint year ‘2021’ and the mint mark ‘BP.’, containing security features in microlettering is shown at bottom, to the right of the design. The reverse features the emblematic elements: the schematic plan of the Monastery, the Árpád monument and the Rotunda with a wooded area in the background. On the upper edge, in a semicircular legend, the lettering ‘ÓPUSZTASZER’ and at the bottom aligned slightly to the left, the inscription ‘NEMZETI TÖRTÉNETI EMLÉKPARK’ (National Historical Heritage Park) are shown. Horizontally above the representation, the lettering ‘NEMZETI EMLÉKHELY’ (National Heritage Site) refers so the collector coin series presenting national memorial sites. The logo of National Memorial Sites is found below the representation, to the right and the master mark of sculptor Virág Szabó, the designer of the coin, is positioned on the left edge of the reverse, inserted in the image of the wooded area.