2,000 forint - Hungarian gazehound

Series: Hungary - Hungarian herding and hunting dogs

Image of 2000 forint coin - Hungarian gazehound | Hungary 2021.  The Brass coin is of proof-like quality.
Budapest, 1 October 2021 – Making a third addition to the series featuring Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue a non-ferrous metal collector coin of 2,000 forints named ‘Magyar agár' on World Animal Day on 4 October 2021. The coin was designed by metal designer Boglárka Imrei. All the Hungarian dog breeds were designated as national treasure by the Parliament in 2004, and in turn, the Hungarian gazehound was added to the Collection of Hungarikums in 2017 along with another eight indigenous breeds. The Hungarian gazehound is one of the oldest hunting dogs. As opposed to other hunting dogs, it relies on its eyesight when hunting instead of its smell. Our ancestors also used this gazehound and they brought it to the Carpathian basin during their wanderings. Our Hungarian gazehound type developed here later as a result of the long process of fairly conscious breeding. Initially the Hungarian gazehound was exclusively used for hunting. Later, they were paired up and put in races before running in track races trying to catch a lure. The build and the outside traits of the Hungarian gazehound clearly demonstrate that the task of this breed is to chase or possibly catch game. Its feisty and persistent character contributes to successful hunting. Similarly to its appearance, its character is also elegant. This dog is exceptionally clever and intelligent, and clings to its owner. Due to its calm demeanour, the hound is also used in therapy. The ‘Magyar agár’ collector coins are Hungarian legal tender, although they have not been minted for circulation purposes. Their primarily role is to raise awareness of Hungary’s national values and to provide education. The collector coins are not to be used in everyday payments. Their face value serves to preserve the value the coins represent to collectors. The individual pieces in the collector coin series present the versatility and outstanding characteristics of Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs. On the obverse, a Hungarian gazehound is seen in semi-profile. The central motif on the observe captures the attributes and characteristics of this dog: its feisty and exceptionally persistent, determined character coupled by strong composure. This breed displays strength and elegance. The compulsory elements of collector coins are placed on the obverse: in the upper circular legend, the lettering ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary) is placed, to the right, in 2 horizontal lines the mint mark ‘BP.’ and the mint year ‘2021’ are seen with the denomination ‘2000 FORINT’ split into two lines. On the reverse, the representation of two Hungarian gazehounds is featured as they chase after the game during hunting on the grasslands. The representation demonstrates well that this breed moves as if encompassing space, occasionally reaching 60 km/hr in speed. The scene becomes complete with the figure of the owner on horseback watching the chase in the background. In the upper semi-circular legend, the inscription ‘MAGYAR AGÁR’ is found, at the bottom, to the right, the master mark of metal designer Boglárka Imrei, the designer of the coin, is featured, inserted in the representation of the grasslands.