2,000 forint - A só (The Salt)

Series: Hungary - Hungarian folk tales

Image of 2000 forint coin - A só (The Salt) | Hungary 2023.  The German silver (CuNiZn) coin is of proof-like quality.
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank is issuing a non-ferrous metal collector coin with a face value of 3,000 forints, featuring the folk tale ‘A só’ (The Salt). The ‘A só’ collector coin is the third addition of the seven-piece non-ferrous metal collector coin series, launched in 2021, whose dedicated objective is to present the values of Hungarian folk tales, evoking the visual design of the animated series. The obverse was designed by metalworking applied artists Fanni Vékony and the reverse by András Szilos. The ceremony on the occasion of the issuance will take place during the Animation Film Festival in Kecskemét. In 1977, the production of the Hungarian folk tales animated series began at the Kecskemét Pannónia Film Studio, which was expanded to a total of 100 episodes under the auspices of Kecskemétfilm Ltd. With its 12.5 hours of material, the series introduces the viewer to the world of folk tales so authentically that the entire series was added to the Hungaricum Collection, in particular the cultural heritage of Hungary, on 15 October 2020, with the following justification: ‘This animated series stands out with its unique visual, musical realm and narrative of Hungarian folk tales. The kindness, humour, finesse and mischief of folk tales faithfully portray the soul, feelings and true character of our nation. In addition, the episodes of the Hungarian Folk Tales animated series, which is widely acclaimed both within and outside our borders, express eternal truths and fundamental values rendering it worthy of being part of the Collection of Hungarikums.’ The Magyar Nemzeti Bank is issuing the ‘A só’ collector coin, the third piece in a series of coins, commemorating the iconic episode that was the starting episode of the animated cartoon series. Fitting in with the imagery of the series, the collector coin accurately reflects the underlying conflict between the key characters of the folktale and its resolution, the loving reconciliation. The primary role of the non-ferrous metal coin is to represent the values of the Hungarian Folk Tales animated series and to document the traditions of folk tales, and although it is legal tender, it has no role in cash circulation. The stylized folk art floral motifs and dove design running along the left side and lower quarter of the obverse were inspired by the main title of the Hungarian folk tales animated series, which was based on the first lines of János Arany’s Rege a Csodaszarvasról (The legend of the ‘Miraculous hind’): ‘Száll a madár, ágrul ágra, / Száll az ének, szájrul szájra’ (The lark's aloft from bough to bough, / the song is passed from lip to lip). The theme design is also evoked by the characteristic braided lettering used by the designer to show the obligatory elements of collector coins (the inscription ‘Magyarország’ (Hungary) and the denomination ‘3000 forint’, the minting year ‘2023’ and the mint mark ‘BP.’ indicating the place of minting). The obverse focuses on the royal castle, from which the king’s dearest daughter was driven away by paternal rage and the exiled princess, referring to the basic conflict of the folk tale of The Salt. The sombre mood of the scene is enhanced by the glossy effect of the setting sun. The designer’s mark of applied artist Fanni Vékony, who designed the obverse, is shown on the left edge, above the tulip motif in the centre. The reverse of the coin features the scene where the conflict is resolved, the reconciliation of the king and the princess, brought about by the prince appearing in the background. The inscription ‘A só’, also in braided lettering, puts the figures on the reverse in context. The left edge of the reverse also bears the designer's mark of applied artist András Szilos.