200 euro - Towards the Holy Year of 2025

Series: Vatican City - Gold 200 euro coins

Image of 200 euro coin - Towards the Holy Year of 2025 | Vatican City 2023.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
The Vatican Mint continues its three-year programme of 200 euro gold coins dedicated to the theme Towards the Holy Year 2025. Artist Daniela Longo depicts on the reverse side of the coin an image rich in symbolism relating to welcome and solidarity. At the top we see Saint Peter’s Basilica and the square which, with its two rows of columns, seems to embrace and hold an anchor, the top of which is in the shape of a cross and the bottom that of a boat with the inscription “Towards the Holy Year 2025”. On the left side we see a doctor caring for a child seated on the edge of the boat, on the opposite side is the Holy Family. Both symbolise all those who are forced to leave their homeland because of wars, hunger, political and religious persecution. On the right side of the coin we see the symbol of the Pilgrim, a shell and above a group of young pilgrims going to Saint Peter’s Basilica. The obverse side reproduces the same graphic design of the other side, showing a variation of parts of the coat of arms of Pope Francis with the anchor in the background and the mitre and lappets recalling the Basilica and the colonnade.