20 francs - Wind Energy

Series: Switzerland - Silver 20 franc coins

Image of 20 francs coin - Wind Energy | Switzerland 2023.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The coin shines in its white, grey and black tones. Some fluorescent elements glows when it gets dark. Details of wind power coin "Wind Energy" production shine on the obverse - the reverse is dedicated to wind currents. The 20-franc silver is the great conclusion of a three-part series on the theme of renewable energy. It is inked at the Schaffhausen-based printing specialist Teca-Print: "All special coins are finished by us using the process-safe pad printing method," explains CEO Daniel Fahl. Booth builder Pascal Ingold (Form AG) was impressed by the quality: "I like the fact that the "Energy of the Future" coin series highlights a subject that is topical in the truest sense of the word." A total of 41,700 households in Switzerland could be supplied with clean wind power in 2019 through pure wind energy. Especially when energy demand is high in the winter months, wind energy, together with solar energy and hydropower, makes a valuable contribution to meeting Switzerland's electricity needs. And wind power plants are to be expanded in the coming years. Today, 37 large-scale wind turbines with a total capacity of 75 megawatts (MW) are in operation throughout Switzerland. In the future, the federal government would like to cover seven percent of Switzerland's electricity needs with wind energy. In Europe today, 15 percent of electricity comes from wind power - worldwide the figure is six percent. The launch of the 20-franc silver coin closes the thematic circle on the subject of "Energy of the future". The "Wind Energy" commemorative silver coin (20g, alloy silver 0,999) features, among other things, fluorescent elements on the obverse, which shows part of a wind turbine and abstract wind currents. A globe with fictitious high and low pressure areas can be seen on the reverse. In addition, the nominal value of CHF 20 is shown. The coin is issued in a mintage of 10,000 units in the quality "proof".