20 francs - NRLA – Ceneri 2020

Series: Switzerland - Silver 20 franc coins

Image of 20 francs coin - NRLA – Ceneri 2020 | Switzerland 2020.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
NRLA – Ceneri 2020: project of the century completed! Following the completion of the Lötschberg and Gotthard base tunnels in 2007 and 2016, the Ceneri base tunnel is the last major construction project of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA). The tunnel goes into operation in December 2020 and will bring major improvements for passenger and freight traffic on the Gotthard line. In addition, it will boost regional travel by providing a direct rail link between Lugano and Locarno. Swissmint is issuing a 20-franc silver coin to mark the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel. At the same time, this commemorative coin recognises the entire endeavour involved in the NRLA – the project of the century.