20 francs - Hydropower

Series: Switzerland - Silver 20 franc coins

Image of 20 francs coin - Hydropower | Switzerland 2021.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
With the 20-franc silver coin “Hydropower”, issued on 9 September 2021, Swissmint is honouring the promotion of renewable energies and the sustainable use of resources. The fine coin is the first coin in Switzerland with coloured details and fluorescent elements that start to glow in the dark. Hydropower is one of the oldest energy sources in the world and was already used more than 5,000 years ago. It offers an efficient, climate- and environmentally friendly form of electricity generation. In Switzerland, the hydropower plant network consists of run-of-river power plants (usually consisting of a barrage formed of a weir in a flowing body of water, e.g. river power plants), storage power plants (hydropower plants with natural or artificial water storage reservoirs) and pumped storage power plants (consisting of two water basins located at different heights, e.g. Grimsel). A total of 677 plants are in operation throughout the country, producing an average of around 36,741 gigawatt hours of electricity per year and thereby supplying 56% of Switzerland's power needs. The new 20-franc silver coin with coloured details and fluorescent elements, designed by Swissmint's engraver Benjamin Löbbert, is available for purchase only in proof quality in a presentation case at our online-shop as well as from some coin dealers and banks.