20 euro - Fourth centenary of the death of Pope Paul V

Series: Vatican City - Gold 20 euro coins

Image of 20 euro coin - Fourth centenary of the death of Pope Paul V | Vatican City 2021.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
The Vatican State Mint dedicates the 20 euro gold coin to the Fourth Centenary of the Death of Pope Paul V. The portrait of the Pope, created by artist Cristina De Giorgi, is refined and composed: Paul V wears a papal mantle of the finest workmanship, embroidered with the figures of St. Peter and St. Paul, patrons of Rome. Born in 1550, Camillo Borghese belonged to one of the richest and most powerful families in Rome. He was elected pope in 1605 and died in January 1621. A man of great culture and humanity, he dedicated himself actively to the expansion of the Jesuit missions in Asia, Africa and South America. In Italy he founded schools for the poor, and in Rome his attention to art and culture is still seen with numerous monuments.