2 pounds: RAF Centenary Spitfire

Series: United Kingdom: Commemorative 2 pound coins

Image of a coin 2 pounds | United Kingdom | RAF Centenary Spitfire | 2018

The Beautiful but Deadly Spitfire on a Piedfort Coin

Beautiful, swift and deadly – with a top speed of 355mph, an altitude of 34,000 feet and a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the Spitfire fully deserves its reputation. This graceful aircraft was an obvious choice for the five-coin collection which celebrates 100 years of the Royal Air Force. The Piedfort coin has long commemorated the most important events and anniversaries for the nation. This Piedfort edition of the second £2 coin in the collection boasts some impressive figures itself, with a diameter of more than 28mm and a weight of 24 grammes of sterling silver. This is a grand tribute to an iconic aircraft.

The coin’s reverse design was unusually created by two artists, brothers Richard and Neil Talbot, contemporary artists who have collaborated to capture the Spitfire. Every detail of the design has been finished to Proof standard and the accompanying booklet includes insights from the experts at the RAF including a pilot who has flown the iconic aircraft.