100 levs - St. Dimitar the Wonderworker

Series: Bulgaria - Bulgarian Iconography

Image of 100 lev  coin - St. Dimitar the Wonderworker   | Bulgaria 2009.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse of the coin depicts the logo of the Bulgarian National Bank, with the year ‘1879’ inscribed on the ribbon. In circumference there go ‘БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА’ (BULGARIAN NATIONAL BANK), the face value ‘100 ЛЕВА’ (100 BGN), and the year of issue ‘2009’ stands above the logo. The reverse of the coin features a replica of a white-and-black woodcut of 1870 by the artist Nickola Z. Klinkov. In circumference there goes ‘СВ. ДИМИТЪР ЧУДОТВOРЕЦ’ (ST. DIMITAR THE WONDERWORKER).