100 forint - The Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre

Image of 100 forint coin - The Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre  | Hungary 2022.  The Bimetal: CuNi, nordic gold coin is of UNC quality.
Budapest, 16 March 2022 – Following the day when the Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre is officially opened, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue the commemorative version of the 100 forint circulation coin. With these coins, the Bank wishes to focus attention on the significance of financial literacy and the Money Museum as an authentic and comprehensive source of knowledge. Two million pieces of these metal coins will be put into circulation from today. The face value side of the 100-forint bicolour coins, to be issued, is identical with the face value side of the coin of the same denomination currently in circulation. However, replacing the Hungarian coat-of-arms, the thematic side features a new motif, designed by Mónika Gyuró. On the obverse, in the centre field, extending into the ring, a typical section of the building that houses the Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre is shown. Above, a stylised representation of a chart, showing an upward trend, is found and four different coins are placed featuring motifs (the Anjou lily, making a reference to Hungarian gold florins from the Middle Ages, the iconic number of the one-forint coin introduced in 1946, a globe, and a pair of scales) that refer to the themes presented by the Money Museum and the general characteristics of money. Inside the string of pearls in a circular legend, separated by ornamental dots the lettering ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary) and ‘PÉNZMÚZEUM’ (Money Museum) and the mint year ‘2022’ is seen on the outer edge of the coin. The coin design illustrates the evolution of the forint based on tradition, economic growth; therefore, in addition to increasing the popularity of the Money Museum, it also transmits the MNB’s values. Additionally, the collector’s version of the circulation coin, to be issued, is a true rarity as the 100-forint bicolour circulation coins have not featured the motif extending from the outer ring onto the base, yet.