100 euro - Finland after 100 years

Series: Finland - Gold 100 euro coins

Image of 100 euro coin - Finland after 100 years | Finland 2018.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
We have just celebrated Finland’s 100th anniversary, but what will the country’s next century be like? Mint of Finland is releasing the Finland in 100 Years gold coin, minted with a work designed by Hannu Veijalainen and titled ”Blue Bioeconomy”. The work highlights Finland’s current and future role as a country of clean waters. The jury that chose the coin’s design considered the water theme to be significant for several reasons: Access to clean water is an increasingly important consideration, and the water’s surface also functions as a mirror reflecting the future. The theme represents growth, tinged with the playfulness and humour required for building the future. The commemorative coins are individually packaged in plastic casings set in a birch veneer frame crafted by Finnish carpenter Wooden Oy. The frame is surrounded by a ribbon and the package contains a certificate of authenticity telling the story behind the commemorative coin.