10 euro - Gender Equality

Image of 10 euro coin - Gender Equality | Lithuania 2019.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The two parts fit together to complete the mathematical equality sign symbolising equality between men and women, their equal rights and respectful relations. The rectangular coin consists of two parts, the dimensions of each – 50x10 mm The reverse features water ripples combining both parts of the coin into a single composition as well as the symbols of Venus and Mars, expressing the harmony and understanding between the genders. The obverse of the two parts features two ice discs floating in a river, separated by a narrow water gap. Shaped by the cold and frost, ice always takes different forms – it replicates the variety of existing approaches to men and women as well as their rights. The current state of gender equality is only formal since it has not yet been fully achieved. On the top of the floating ice is the inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), on the lower part of the coin – denomination (€10), the year of issue (2019) and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint.