10 levs - 100 Years of Bulgarian Cinema

Image of 10 lev  coin - 100 Years of Bulgarian Cinema | Bulgaria 2015.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse of the coin, within an embedded medallion, features a film spool unwinding through the medallion. Underneath are: the nominal value ‘10 ЛЕВА’ (10 levs) and the BNB logo with the year ‘1879’ on the strip. ‘БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА’ (Bulgarian National Bank) and the year of issue ‘2015’ are inscribed in circumference. The reverse features a cinematic camera and the inscription ‘100 ГОДИНИ’ (100 Years) on the embedded medallion where the zeros are in the form of film spools. In circumference beneath the medallion runs the inscription ‘БЪЛГАРСКО КИНО’ (Bulgarian Cinema).