10 levs - Tsar Kaloyan

Series: Bulgaria - Medieval Bulgarian Rulers

Image of 10 lev  coin - Tsar Kaloyan | Bulgaria 2022.  The Bimetal: gold, silver coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse of the coin features: a gold-plated medallion etched with a leaden seal with the name of Tsar Kaloyan in the centre; on the top: the BNB logo with the year ‘1879’ on the strip inscribed underneath; the nominal value ‘10 ЛЕВА’ (10 levs) and the year of issue ‘2022’ sideways and under it in an inner circle within a pitted ring; ‘БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА’ (Bulgarian National Bank) inscribed in circumference. The reverse of the coin features: an image of Tsar Kaloyan with a stylised sceptre in the centre within a pitted ring; the inscriptions ‘СРЕДНОВЕКОВНИ БЪЛГАРСКИ ВЛАДЕТЕЛИ’ (Medieval Bulgarian Rulers) in circumference on the top and ‘ЦАР КАЛОЯН’ (Tsar Kaloyan) on the bottom.