10 levs - Khan Omurtag

Series: Bulgaria - Medieval Bulgarian Rulers

Image of 10 lev  coin - Khan Omurtag | Bulgaria 2021.  The Bimetal: gold, silver coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse of the coin features in a gold-plated medallion: a medallion of Khan Omurtag; ‘БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА’ (Bulgarian National Bank) inscribed in circumference on the top; the nominal value ‘10 ЛЕВА’ (10 levs) and the BNB logo with the year ‘1879’ on the strip inscribed underneath, and the year of issue ‘2021’ below
The reverse of the coin features within a pitted ring, the column with Chatalar Inscription and a fragment of a miniature by Chronicle of John Skylitzes with an image of the ruler; the inscriptions ‘СРЕДНОВЕКОВНИ БЪЛГАРСКИ ВЛАДЕТЕЛИ’ (Medieval Bulgarian Rulers) at the top and ‘ХАН ОМУРТАГ’ (Khan Omurtag) below in circumference.