10 euro - Finnish sauna culture

Series: Finland - Silver 10 euro coins

Image of 10 euro coin - Finnish sauna culture | Finland 2018
The Finnish Sauna Culture commemorative coin is the first commemorative coin created collaboratively with the public. Everyone had the opportunity to influence the commemorative coin’s artistic design through an idea competition. The coin paying tribute to our sauna culture was then designed by Mari Metso and Erkki Vainio on the basis of the submissions. By decree of the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland will mint two versions of the coin, with nominal values of EUR 10 and EUR 20. The commemorative coin will be launched on 8 June, the eve of Finnish Sauna Day, which is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of June and is a voluntary flag day. The commemorative coin with a nominal value of EUR 10 is packaged in a protective clear casing set in a birch veneer package manufactured by Finnish carpenters Puusepänliike Wooden Oy. The package is wrapped in a sleeve and comes with a certificate of authenticity telling the commemorative coin’s story, along with the technical specifications of the product.