10 euro – V Iberoamerican Series – Sailing

Series: Spain – Ibero-American Series

Image of V Iberoamerican Series – Sailing – 10 euro coin Spain 2002.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The design on the obverse of this coin is based on an engraving by the artist José Espinós Gisbert (1877-1956), who joined the Casa de la Moneda in 1924 as an assistant coin engraver. The engraving represents a 16th century galleon. The development of overseas trade required well-built, steady ships that could face up to the heavy ocean swell, that had a good complement of sails and that were capable of accommodating a heavy dead weight, both in artillery and in goods and foodstuffs. The galleon weighed from 300 to 800 tons and had an overall length of 30 meters.