10 euro - The Franc Germinal

Series: France - The sower

Image of 10 euro coin - The Franc Germinal | France 2019.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The Sower series presents the most historically significant coins of France’s history. In 2019, the Germinal Franc is honoured. Created under Napoleon Bonaparte, the Germinal Franc was set up to revive the economic activity by fixing a certain weight of metal. The reverse evokes both the Consulate and first Empire period with Napoleon Ist and the Great Army. The obverse and reverse of the Germinal franc are then represented with highlighting the significant facts at this time : the Legion of Honour, the bee and the laurel crown. The obverse depicts Roty’s Sower in a more contemporary setting.
5 Euro 0.5g 11 mm .999 Gold: 2.000 pcs proof
50 Euro 7.78g 22 mm .999 Gold: 1.000 pcs proof
100 Euro 15.5g 31 mm .999 Gold: 500 pcs proof
500 Euro 155.5g 50 mm .999 Gold: 99 pcs proof