10 euro - In the Air

Image of 10 euro coin - In the Air | Germany 2019.  The Copper–Nickel (CuNi) coin is of BU quality.
The Federal Government has decided to have a 10-euro collector's coin "In the Air" minted with a colorless plastic ring and expected to spend at the end of April 2019. The coin marks the beginning of a three-part series entitled "Luft bewegt" (2019 - 2021, one issue per year) and thus concludes thematically with the issue of the 5-euro coins "Planet Earth" and "Climate Zones of the Earth" two years ago with great success by the federation were emitted. The 10 Euro coin "In the Air" consists of two different copper-nickel alloys and a translucent plastic ring. It has a mass of 9.7 grams and is produced in the two stamping qualities of die gloss and mirror gloss. The design of the picture page is by the artist Natalie Tekampe from Müncheberg. The value page, which is identical for all coins in the series, was designed by the artist Andre Witting from Berlin. The image page shows a paraglider, which is placed in the center of the representation in a mountain landscape. The design of the value page matches the selected image page. It shows an eagle, the lettering "FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY", value and value denomination, the year 2019, the twelve European stars and - depending on mintmark - the mintmark "A" (Berlin), "D" (Munich), "F" (Stuttgart ), "G" (Karlsruhe) or "J" (Hamburg).