10 euro - Désirée Clary

Series: France - Women of France

Image of 10 euro coin - Désirée Clary | France 2018.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
This series’ coins highlights the women who shaped France History. This 10€ silver coin shows Désirée Clary’s portrait surrounded by her dates and name. This artwork referers to Robert Lefevre’s painting, « Portrait of Désirée Clary » (1807). In the background, we can find a tapestry made of D monogram relating to Désirée Clary. The reverse of the coin shows Désirée Clary’s husband, the King Charles XIV Jean on horseback in front of the Sweden coat of arms. These are the symbol of the monarch. Its composition, inspired by Charles VIII of Sweden, was created during the fifth decade of XVth century.