10 euro - Dakota C-47

Series: France - Aviation and History

Image of 10 euro coin - Dakota C-47 | France 2018.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
Plane designed in 1936 by aircraft manufacturer McDonell Douglas, it was used for air transport, in particular during D-Day in 1944. One of the plane’s most famous missions was the Berlin airlift set up in 1948 to supply West Berlin, which was cut off by the Soviet Blockade. 2018 is the 70th anniversary of the event. On the obverse, a Dakota flies over Berlin and the Brandebourg gate where children wait for supplies and wave to the pilots. On the sides, the Berlin Airlift monument, with a chain of small Dakotas, recalling the great humane operation. In the center, a quote from President JF Kennedy, paying tribute to the Berlin Airlift in 1963.
50 Euro - Silver - 3000 pcs 50 mm
50 Euro - .999 Gold - 500 pcs 22 mm
200 Euro - .999 Gold - 200 pcs 37 mm
500 Euro - .999 Gold - 90 pcs 50 mm