10 euro - Charles de Gaulle

Image of 10 euro coin - Charles de Gaulle  | France 2020.  The Silver coin is of UNC quality.
On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the appeal of 18 June 1940, the 130th anniversary of the birth of Charles de Gaulle and the 50th anniversary of his death, this coin commemorates one of the most influential French leaders in history. The face of this coin represents Charles de Gaulle thanks to two engravings of his profile. These two engravings commemorate two important aspects of his life: his military and his political career. The Lorraine cross, representing the freedom and unification of France, also appears on the obverse of the coin. This cross was directly associated with General de Gaulle and was also erected at his memorial in Colombey-les-Deux-Églises. This coin is available in two different cards. One pays homage to the personality of Charles de Gaulle, viewed here, the other commemorates the 80th anniversary of the June 18 Appeal.