10 euro - Berluti - Penny Loafer

Series: France - French Excellence

Image of 10 euro coin - Berluti - Penny Loafer  | France 2020.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
Monnaiede Paris collaborates with a French house and creates, every year, a uniqueseries inspired by two traditions of fine French craftsmanship. In 2020, Monnaiede Paris celebrates Berluti, specialized in patinated leathershoes work for 125 years. The coins of this collection transcribe the craft of the shoe through the trace of steps. The Berluti emblemis revealed at the heart of the creation. The iron of the heel protecting thesole is adorned with the House's Scritto,a tribute to the calligraphy and know-how of the House. A must-have in the men's locker room, the moccasin has been a real success since the 1920s, when American students began to make it their own. They then displayed a dandy chic style that spread all over the world. These same students slipped a penny under the tongue of their moccasins, which was very handy to get to the phone booth. The penny loafer model was born. The collaboration of the Berluti House and Monnaie de Paris has given new meaning to this custom. By inserting the small coins into the Andy moccasin, Berluti's iconic model, the two partner companies retrace the history of the penny loafer moccasin. The coins were minted with a curved tool to fit the moccasin's tongue perfectly. The obverse represents the identity coat of arms of the Berluti House. On this coat of arms is inscribed the date of creation of the House: 1895. The words "125th Anniversary" and "French Republic" appear in an arc of a circle, respectively at the top and bottom of the emblem. Small nails echoing the work on the leather are added as well as the engraving punches. The reverse shows a footprint, the one the Berluti House leaves in the world of luxury shoes. A checkerboard including the Berluti coat of arms adorns the background of the coin. The face value and the yeardate are also visible on this reverse.