1 Nuevo Sol - Wonders of nature

Series: Peru - Ibero-American Series

Image of 1 Nuevo Sol coin - Wonders of nature | Peru 2017.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
In 1991 fourteen countries of Ibero-American origin agreed to the minting of a coin in common, initiating the significant cultural and numismatic project that is the IBERO-AMERICAN COIN SERIES.
With a maximum mint run of 10,000 units, the complete set is made up of nine coins and a commemorative medal, all minted in 925 thousandth sterling silver.
A feature peculiar to these series is that each participating country allows its own national coat-of-arms to be reproduced and portrayed on the coins of the remaining countries, a never-before-seen circumstance in twenty-five centuries of Numismatic History. The obverse sides of the coins feature the national coat-of-arms of the issuing country surrounded by the coats-of-arms of the other participating nations in alphabetical order, Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Portugal.
This Eleventh Ibero-American Coin Series is dedicated to "WONDERS OF NATURE". In this year, the series brings together original colour designs alluding to the theme including, the natural arches and caves at the beach of the Cathedrals on the Spanish coin, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Momotombo volcano in Nicaragua or Monday River Waterfalls in Paraguay.
All the pieces in the collection including the medal have been allocated the metrics of the so-called 4-reales, ancient coins minted on both Spain and American mints, so they have a weight of 13.5 grams and 33 mm diameter.