1 hryvnia - UEFA Euro 2012TM Final Tournament

Image of 1 hryvnia  coin - UEFA Euro 2012TM Final Tournament | Ukraine 2012.  The Bronze coin is of UNC quality.
On the coin reverse there are depicted: a circular inscription ФІНАЛЬНИЙ ТУРНІР ЧЕМПІОНАТУ ЄВРОПИ З ФУТБОЛУ 2012 р. (Final tournament of the championship of Europe / of football / 2012 year), in the centre there is the logo EURO-2012 with the inscriptions UEFA/EURO 2012™/POLAND-UKRAINE thereunder. The coin is made of aluminum bronze of ordinary quality (weight – 6.8 g, diameter– 26 mm, and thickness – 1.85 mm. There are inscriptions all over the edge of the coin: ОДНА ГРИВНЯ / 2012 (ONE HRYVNIA/2012) separated from each other by dots. The prominent rim is all over the coin. The depiction and inscriptions are in relief.