1 dollar - Black-Footed Ferret

Series: Canada - Specimen Set Special Edition Coins

Image of 1 dollar coin - Black-Footed Ferret | Canada 2020
While Canada is home to an estimated 80,000 species, many are facing an uncertain future. Habitat loss and human activities are putting our natural heritage at risk. But there is reason to hope for the future, thanks to the efforts of organizations, volunteers and everyday Canadians. The future of our endangered species and habitats is in our hands, and this year's specimen set is a reminder that conservation is a long-term commitment. The 2020 Specimen Set's dollar coin features the black-footed ferret. This once-lost resident of our grasslands has been the focus of decades-long recovery efforts led by volunteers and partners—including the Toronto Zoo, Calgary Zoo, Parks Canada and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—who are working together to give this species another chance in Canada.