1 dollar - American Indians in the U.S. Military

Series: USA - Native American Dollar Coin Program

Image of 1 dollar coin - American Indians in the U.S. Military | USA 2021.  The Nordic gold (CuZnAl) coin is of Proof, UNC quality.
Native Americans have served in the Armed Forces of the United States in each of our nation’s conflicts, beginning with the Revolutionary War. They have served at a higher rate in proportion to their population than any other ethnic group. During World War I, Native Americans volunteered to fight in astonishing numbers although most were ineligible for the draft. Of the 10,000 Native Americans who served in the Army and the 2,000 who served in the Navy, three out of four were volunteers. Native Americans have received recognition for their service, including five Medals of Honor during World War II. Their exemplary record of military service continues to this day.
The obverse (heads) design retains the central figure “Sacagawea” carrying her infant son, Jean Baptiste. The reverse (tails) design features eagle feathers, which were traditionally earned in battle or by performing a brave deed. Eagle feathers are revered and respected, receiving the utmost care and handling, and are to be displayed proudly in homes. Stars representing five branches of the U.S. military are in the foreground, while a circle provides an additional reference to Native Americans.