1.5 euro - Wiener Neustadt - 825th Anniversary of the Austrian Mint

Image of 1.5 euro coin - Wiener Neustadt - 825th Anniversary of the Austrian Mint | Austria 2019.  The Silver coin is of BU quality.
The second of our three silver Anniversary coins is sold out and no longer available from the Austrian Mint. Having said that, so that we can offer all three Anniversary coins in a set along with the specially designed Collector Album, we have set aside a small quantity of the coins. This set will be made available from 16 October 2019 to coincide with the issue of Robin Hood, the third and last Anniversary coin. The Album also has space for the five copper coins in the 10 euro Knights’ Tales series.
The three coins celebrating the 825th Anniversary of the Vienna Mint are all linked to the ransom paid to Duke Leopold of Austria for the release of King Richard the Lionheart of England in 1194. They also all contain one ounce of fine silver, the precious metal used to pay the huge ransom, which was partly used to build the stronghold of Wiener Neustadt – the theme of the second coin in this very special series.
Wiener Neustadt

Unlike most other towns, Wiener Neustadt did not develop gradually over time, but was founded and constructed for strategic reasons on barren land at the easternmost tip of the Austrian Alps, south of Vienna. A fortified town, it was designed to help secure the duchies of Austria and Styria from the Kingdom of Hungary. The town features on the reverse of the coins, while the obverse features Leopold V’s equestrian seal, which shows him as a military commander on horseback with a shield and a banner. The original image can be found in the Monastery of Heiligenkreuz, near Vienna. This obverse is common the all three coins in the 825th Anniversary of the Vienna Mint series, which can be traded at the daily silver price, yet also feature a design worthy of a coveted collector piece. As such they can be considered as both investments and collector coins.