1.5 euro - Phoenician Warship

Series: Spain - History of Navigation

Image of 1.5 euro coin - Phoenician Warship | Spain 2018.  The Copper–Nickel (CuNi) coin is of BU quality.
The F.N.M.T. - R.C.M. presents a new series of coins dedicated to recall the "History of Navigation". These series reproduce a selection of boats that, for one reason or another, have been relevant over time. It consists of twenty coins. Four of them are put into circulation in 2018 and the remaining 16 in 2019.To collect them, you can purchase the book "History of Navigation" (art. 92887050), which describes the technical characteristics of each of the boats. Special launching offer! With the purchase of the first four coins (Phoenician Combat Ship, Drakkar Scandinavo, Spanish Navy and Juan Sebastian de Elcano School Ship), we will send you the collection book-case free of charge (art. 32887050). A detail of the work entitled "Phoenician and Assyrian combat ships at the service of Persia in the time of Cambises " by Rafael Monleón y Torres is reproduced in colour on the obverse. The painting is housed in the Naval Museum of Madrid. To the right, the mint mark. Above the central image, in a circular direction and in capital letters, the inscription NAVE DE COMBATE FENICIA. On the reverse (common to all the pieces), the face value of the coin 1.5 EURO and the inscription HISTORY OF THE NAVIGATION appear. Out of the central circle there are six dolphins jumping, counter clockwise, on the same aquatic motifs that appear in the obverses.