1.5 euro - 130th Anniversary of the Birth of the André Citroën

Series: France - Great Captains of Industry

Image of 1.5 euro coin - 130th Anniversary of the Birth of the André Citroën  | France 2008.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
Description To inaugurate this new series which honours the industrial groups who have marked history, we chose André Citroën, one of the biggest names in the French automobile industry. Here, in particular, it will ally a great engineer and founder of an internationally renowned French company with the legendary car which he created. André Citroën, a famous technological innovator, was the creator of front-wheel drive. This system where the traction is carried out by the front wheels, allows the bodywork of the car to be lowered and its weight to be lighter, thanks to the removal of the propeller shaft. This system is still being used in the majority of cars. The front-wheel drive is a legendary car, symbol of the resistance, symbol of an era ! The obverse features the portrait of André Citroën, his date of birth and death and a symbol – the stripes of the brand. The reverse features the first front-wheel drive created by André Citroën.