50 litas: Vincas Kudirka (1858-1899)

Series: Lithuania: Silver 50 litas coins

50 litas Vincas Kudirka (1858-1899)  - 1999 - Series: Silver 50 litas coins - Lithuania

The obverse of the coin features the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Lithuania inside a shield and a stylised bell, containing an excerpt from the “National Hymn”: IŠ PRAEITIES TAVO SŪNŪS TE STIPRYBĘ SEMIA (Let your sons draw their strength from our past experience). The inscriptions LIETUVA (Lithuania) and 50 LITŲ (50 litas) arranged in a semi-circle run at the top. The reverse of the coin displays the portrait of Vincas Kudirka, the inscription VINCAS KUDIRKA, 1858-1899, with the year 1999 on the right.