20 euro: Struve Geodetic Arc (UNESCO World Heritage)

Series: Lithuania: Silver 20 euro coins

20 euro Struve Geodetic Arc (UNESCO World Heritage) - 2015 - Series: Silver 20 euro coins - Lithuania

The obverse of the coin features the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania in the centre, a stylised meridian arc and the inscription UNESCO PASAULIO PAVELDAS, LIETUVA, 2015 (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, LITHUANIA, 2015) is arranged on the left in a semicircle, the denomination €20 — below it. The mintmark of the Mint is impressed on the obverse of the coin. The reverse of the coin features an artistic composition that seeks to immortalise the globally-significant achievements in science and technology while studying the Earth’s meridian arc, which covers 10 nations — the Struve Geodetic Arc, named in honour of F.G.W. Struve, the scientist who performed geodetic measurements through the triangulation method and systemised the results. The inscription STRUVĖS GEODEZINIS LANKAS (STRUVE GEGODEDIC ARC) is arranged in a semicircle.