10 euro: Christopher Columbus 5th Centenary - La Niña

Series: Spain: Silver 10 euro coins

10 euro Christopher Columbus 5th Centenary - La Niña - 2006 - Series: Silver 10 euro coins - Spain

This year we commemorate the Quincentenary of the death of the great seafarer and discoverer Christopher Columbus, who died in Valladolid in 1506. His momentous voyage, in search of an alternative route to the Indies, concluded in the discovery of the New World. To mark the occasion the Spanish Royal Mint has minted a proof quality series of coins dedicated to commemorate this important figure and his great achievement, the discovery of America.The obverse, common for all three 10-Euro coins, features a likeness of Christopher Columbus and an astrolabe in the lower portion of the coin. The reverse of this third coin depicts the caravel "The Niña" which accompanied Columbus on his first voyage to America.